Combined Creatives partner of KD Schmid’s get!CREATIVE

We are proud to announce that as of August 2019, Combined Creatives is a partner of get!CREATIVE, part of the international artist agency KD Schmid. Marching & Breakin’ and Visiting Beethoven are the first two projects that will be represented worldwide by KD Schmid.

get!CREATIVE – Redefining Tradition

get!CREATIVE is an invitation to join our ever-expanding pool of creatives, performing artists and trendsetters, in which new ideas and performance approaches, technologies as well as theatrical concepts can be developed and worked on in an open-space environment. A “laboratory” that acts not only as a sensitive companion to creative processes, but also aims to be a strongly network-based multiplying factor to its members.

get!CREATIVE thrives for highest artistic excellence when choosing its future projects and potential partners, and understands the importance and necessity of dealing with socially relevant and emotionally challenging topics; it considers itself multidisciplinary and boundary-breaking but at the same time will stay true to established traditions.

About KD Schmid

Since 1959, KD Schmid has been a dependable partner for our artists and orchestras, using their passion, experience and expertise to nurture and develop creativity of the highest standard. Their artists are not simply business partners, but members of their extended family. They share their love of music, and draw upon our international network to make the world the stage for their music.

More information

Vincent van Kekerix – Managing Director Combined Creatives
T +31 (0)20 3 63 65 63 – E

Daniel Witzke – Manager Creative Development KD Schmid
T +49 511 36607 66 – E

Vincent van Kekerix

Managing Director & Co-Founder at Combined Creatives