About Us

Vincent van Kekerix

Photo: Olivier Wecxsteen

Managing Director, Executive Producer & Co-Founder

Dominique Vleeshouwers
Dominique Vleeshouwers

Photo: Friso Keuris

Creative Director & Co-Founder

We are Vincent van Kekerix and Dominique Vleeshouwers.

After winning the Graduation Award of the Amsterdam University of the Arts in 2013, we founded Combined Creatives in 2014. We started as two musicians with the dream to gather creatives from all creative disciplines and combine their forces. To create and deliver the most amazing, mesmerizing, and surprising out-of-the-box experiences.

Within Combined Creatives, Dominique (winner Dutch Music Prize 2020 and TROMP Competition 2014) is the creative mind, and Vincent focuses on the business and production aspects. Together we create performances and events: Dominique is responsible for inventing the concept, and Vincent is in charge of making it happen. For each project or event, we work with unique creatives, handpicked from our network.

We don’t limit our thinking to creative disciplines, but we start from a story. A story of our own, or one of our clients. We believe in the power of creativity: creativity can transmit emotions and tell stories. Inspire people, move them, bring them together. Creativity opens your eyes. Depending on the story that needs to be told, we select the creatives who are fit best for the job to turn it into a great experience.


Organizational Structure

The activities of Combined Creatives are divided into two independent legal entities: Combined Creatives bv (a limited liability company) and Stichting Combined Creatives (Combined Creatives Foundation). Both entities have their registered offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and are governed by Dutch law.

Vincent van Kekerix and Dominique Vleeshouwers form the board of both entities. The foundation also has, in addition to the executive board, a supervisory board. The supervisory board consists of three members. The foundation complies with the Dutch Cultural Governance Code and Fair Practice Code.

Board Combined Creatives bv

Vincent van Kekerix, director
Dominique Vleeshouwers, director

Board Combined Creatives Foundation

Vincent van Kekerix, chair
Dominique Vleeshouwers, member

Supervisory Board Combined Creatives Foundation

Nel van Dijk, chair – Director, Reinwardt Academie
Anne de Haij, member – Director, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
Patrick Wit, member – Partner & Attorney-at-law, Kennedy Van der Laan