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By photographer Maria Cavali

Hi! Welcome to Combined Creatives

We are a collective of creative minds, active within the various disciplines that the creative industries have to offer. Musicians, filmmakers, composers, painters, dancers, photographers, theatre artists, (copy)writers, producers, concept developers, creative strategists, coaches, designers, illustrators, marketeers, web developers and more.

We offer three services:

1. We develop out-of-the-box concepts for your organisation: Creatives at Work
2. You can book our creatives: Book a Creative
3. We help our creatives with their day-to-day activities: Help I’m a Creative

Together, we are a platform for boundless creativity that makes the world a richer place.

By photographer Monika Kozub

Creatives at Work


The creative heart of the company where we create new concepts and projects. Depending on your needs – a congress, a staff party, an event, a workshop, a logo, a website, a concert, a commercial, a brochure, a new brand identity, or anything else – we select the creatives who are fit for the job. Together, we develop and deliver original, out-of-the-box concepts for your organisation. We represent over 50 creatives who are ready to collaborate with you.

How do we work?

1. You have an idea, question or a problem.
2. We get together with you and turn it into a briefing.
3. We select an artist or a team of creatives and craft a carefully constructed proposal for your organisation.
4. Together with your company, we make the proposal reality.

Theatre Hotel Courage

Book a Creative


This is the booking agency that connects our creatives to the outside world, and the outside world to them. We have over 50 creatives with their own specialisation: musicians, filmmakers, composers, painters, dancers, photographers, actors, writers, producers, concept developers, creative strategists, coaches, designers, illustrators and more.

Whether you need an individual artist or a multiple creatives for your assignment, this is where to find them! Discover our members of our Creative Collective, or get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

Playground: a techno symphony

Help! I’m a Creative


This is where we help our artists by facilitating creativity.
We take practical concerns away from our creatives and help them to focus on what they do best: being creative.

We provide diverse management services, from day-to-day artist management to business management. And from project management to artist branding and publicity.

Project Emore by Phi-Yen Phan

Get in touch


Would you like to know what Combined Creatives can do for your organisation? Feel free to get in touch, whether via email, phone, in person of through old-school snail mail. We’re happy to talk you through the possibilities!