We create and deliver creative content and offer services that support its creators.

Creatives at Work

The creative heart of the company where we conceptualize ideas.
Together with the members of our Creative Collective, we create and deliver original, out-of-the-box concepts.
Both based on our own ideas, as on the needs of our clients.
Our Creative Collective represents over 50 creatives who are ready to collaborate.

We create concepts for different needs and activities: performances, (corporate) events, workshops, commercials, brand identities, brand activation campaigns, websites, or anything else.
Depending on the idea, we select the creatives who are fit for the job and make it a reality.

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Book a Creative

The booking agency that connects the members of our Creative Collective to the outside world, and the outside world to them.
We have over 50 creatives with their own skill set: musicians, filmmakers, composers, painters, dancers, photographers, theatre-makers, designers, illustrators, (copy)writers, producers, concept developers, strategists, coaches, marketers, web developers, and more.

Whether you need an individual artist or multiple creatives, Book a Creative is where to find them!
Contact our office to find out how we can help you.

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Help! I’m a Creative

This is where we help our creatives by facilitating creativity.
We take practical concerns away and help to focus on what they do best: being creative.
We provide diverse management services: from day-to-day artist management to business management, and from project management to artist branding and publicity.

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On Next

The online platform for the performing arts that connects artists with venues, and venues with artists.
Present your work to relevant bookers and programmers or get up to speed with the latest performers to compile your next season while managing your workload. Currently being developed in Amsterdam with love, launching very soon.

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“We have enjoyed the collaboration with Combined Creatives. Structured, clear communication, aimed at finding solutions and last but not least: very creative. All the worries that come with producing an event were taken away from us. Therefore, everybody could focus on their own tasks, which resulted in a program that came together perfectly. I can warmly recommend Combined Creatives.”

Annelies ten Have Policy officer The Royal Academy / secretary Society of Arts