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Marching & Breakin’

Premiered on November 9th, 2018 in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. 

Dutch percussion virtuoso Dominique Vleeshouwers and leading Austrian percussion soloist Martin Grubinger team up with Eindhoven’s renowned breakdance crew The Ruggeds and the winner of the European Championship for wind orchestras St. Michaël of Thorn. Together they create a performance where breakdance turns into ballet, a traditional Dutch wind band is transformed into a
hip hop orchestra and intimate classical percussion gradually evolves into energetic beats.

The stage is transformed into a city, where people with different backgrounds meet each other. The repertoire fluently connects to one another without stopping. Marching & Breakin’ is like a mis-en-scene but in a concert situation. The light design guides the focus of the audience and sets the right atmosphere in the performance.

Cast & Crew
Percussion Soloists: Martin Grubinger & Dominique Vleeshouwers
Breakdance Crew: The Ruggeds
Wind Orchestra: St. Michaël Thorn
Stage Director: Caecilia Thunnissen
Scenography: Clement & Sanôu
Composers: Y’skid & Jelle Verstraten
Transcriptions: Erik Somers, Tom Schippers
Script and Artistic Leading: Dominique Vleeshouwers
Production Manager: Vincent van Kekerix


Radio 1 interview – Nieuws&Co with Lara Rense – Dominique Vleeshouwers 

Photo: Claudia Hansen