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2016 – present
Creatives at Work

Playground is a collective of creative minds who combine a club experience with a live performance. Their music is a mix of techno, minimal and film music. They play with everything from both worlds: the newest DJ equipment, colorful percussion, theatrical expression and imaginary compositions.

Currently, they are researching the combination of digital and acoustic sound. They form a band of violin, cello, keys, percussion and computer, in which all instruments also perform on electric instruments. Also, they’re working on a version for symphonic orchestra with a percussion soloist and a DJ soloist.

Creatives involved in this project:
Dominique Vleeshouwers – concept & performer
Arend Bruijn – composer & performer
Hans Nieuwenhuijsen – composer & sound designer
Jelle Verstraten & Aki Spadaro – composers
Katrien van Beurden – stage director
Claudia Hansen & Milagro Elstak – photographers
Ruwan Heggelman & David Collier – filmmakers
Océane Combeau – designer
Vincent van Kekerix – manager