Visiting Beethoven

Not your ordinary Ludwig

Client: Het Concertgebouw / Tracks
Services: Concept Development
Premiere: 28 February 2019


Visiting Beethoven is an innovative concert aimed at a young/new audience. It is a first encounter with Beethoven. Music is the most important storyteller, supported by text, video, and lighting. The script is inspired by the biography of Beethoven written by Jan Caeyers. It is not the goal to be historically correct, but mainly to give an impression of the person Beethoven. The music is linked to events from his life and brings the listener into the spirit of Vienna around the year 1800.

The relatively fast alternation of composition, the context of time, the young musicians, and the visual aspect will appeal to a younger audience.
The repertoire consists of classical music and improvised music. Original compositions by Beethoven and transcriptions by his music and composers like Rossini and Schubert.

Visiting Beethoven has a version of 60 minutes and a version of 85 minutes with intermission.

Cast & Crew

Viola Dana Zemtsov
Piano Louis Schwizgebel
Percussion & Concept Dominique Vleeshouwers
Lighting Desiree van Gelderen
Video Jurjen Alkema
Stage Director Kiki Jaski

Photos Tomek Dersu Aaron


Daniel Witzke
Manager Creative Development KD Schmid

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