Let's Play

Client: Stichting TIS
Period: 2017


WannaPlayground invites adults to play. Simple, nostalgic games from the childhood playground are given new meaning through integrated sound and lighting design. The experience of play activates the deepest desires in audiences to create, enjoy and share life. WannaPlayground rethinks the concert hall, bringing classical music to the people and thanks to talented young composers, it re-invigorates classical music.

Based on years of experience in creating music theatre and concerts, stage director Caecilia Thunnissen and scenographer Jan Boiten felt the need to find a new way to bring music to the public. They truly wanted to involve the audience in a format which would move the spectator out of the passive seat of the darkened theatre. Boiten&Thunnissen applied theatrical resources in a different – unconventional – manner: they developed WannaPlayground. This new playground connects people, invites adults to play again, and merges them with music, light, and landscape.

What did we do?
– Creation and execution of a new marketing & branding strategy
– Acquisition of international bookings for the installations
– Developing new musical content, together with the composers of our Creative Collective
– Initiating strategic partnerships around bookings and the installations as a whole